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How ready are you for the next step on your Entrepreneurial Journey? 

You do not need a crystal ball, you need a plan.

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The Coaching Assesment will give you clarity on where you are regarding starting your coaching practice and what you should focus on to hone your skills and mindset.

Use this free Assessment to uncover what may be holding you back, slowing you down or stopping you from taking the next step. 

Knowledge is POWER! 

Knowing where you are in the start up stages of your coaching practice will guide you seemlessly organize your thoughts and enable you to take the next action towards creating the business and life of your dreams.  

You cannot begin a journey of any kind without a plan in place. When you know where your going you leave the guesswork out of it.

May this serve you to create a plan, Wendie Kause




Coaching Checklist

Start your business 50% faster.

Avoid start up hesitation and procrastination. 

 Not sure were to start? Fint by taking this assesment and get your business up and running fast!

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Clarity guides you quickly down the direct path of serving your ideal customer sooner than later. 

Manifest your Dream Life and Business, starting Now! 

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Providing Direction for Your Success

The common denominator among successful entreprenuers is having a mentor. Google it! It's true! 

  I would be honored to be considered as your mentor.

I invite you to join my tribe! 

Ultimate Coaching Mastery

ABOUT Wendie

Hi, I'm Wendie, creator of The Kause Syndicate and avid Motorcycle rider! 

Being an entreprenuer is like riding; 

Riding takes focus, patience and practice. The reward is satisfaction, joy and freedom. 

I teach new and emerging coaches to create focus, be patient, as nothing happens overnight, and practice daily postitive action-based steps to go from dream to reality and begin their coaching business! 

Ready to get out of your own way and make things happen in a big way? This Assessment will help you pick a path to begin your journey with ease.